1st Barnet Company of The Boys' Brigade

The 1st Barnet Company of The Boys' Brigade was founded on 15th July, 1891 by George C. Gooding, who was inspired by his visit to the original Company, 1st Glasgow, formed by Sir William A. Smith

Right from the early days the Company has excelled in marching bands - Brass, Bugle and Flute. Many locals have been awakened by the Company on parade to Church on Sunday mornings.

For years Rifle Exercises, with wooden dummy rifles, formed an important part of the drill practised in the BB, however, during World War 1 the company were rebadged as Boys' Brigade Cadets (10th Herts) and real carbines were used for a time. A full khaki uniform was also worn. During World War 2 boys who were over 14 were again formed into a Cadet Company (22nd Herts) khaki uniforms and rifle drill were introduced again.


The Church's Girl Guides Company In 1986

After many years of strenuous effort, 1925 saw the winning of the famous London District 'Telegraph Shield. The company has been successful in London Competitions since then, particularly band, football and cross country.

In 1986 the Church's Girl Guides Company closed leaving nowhere for girls leaving the Brownies to go. The B.B. Company approached Girls' Brigade headquarters about starting a G.B. Company in Barnet but that proposition was not thought viable so a Girls Association was formed with the group taking part in most of the Company's activities. This has been running successfully ever since. The Girls' Association became officially part of The Boys' Brigade in January 2009 and since March 2009 1st Barnet have been taking girls into all age groups.